CannPlasma Clean: Plasma sterilization of cannabis

Cold Plasma Group is introducing a safe and organic method for the decontamination of dry cannabis products. This patent-pending technology is based on the use of cold plasma treatments and was designed with the specific challenges of the industry in mind. Cannabis treated using CannPlasma Clean can be decontaminated to fit the requirements outlined by Health Canada without changing its physical characteristics or its terpene profiles.

CannPlasma Clean provides an organic and environmentally friendly alternative to treatments based on the use of UV and gamma radiation, chemicals, ozone or microwaves which are known to alter the quality of the product, e.g. moisture content, texture, color, odor and / or terpene profiles.


Plasma, often called the fourth state of matter, can be described as a luminous cloud formed as a result of an electrical discharge initiated within a gas. Electrons, ions, photons and free radicals are formed as a result, the latter being able to initiate oxidative reactions at the surfaces of live bacteria and spores. These reactions create holes in the membranes of bacteria and spores, leading to their death.

Unreacted radicals are unstable, short-lived, and are continuously neutralized within the plasma volume, or evacuated. Plasmas treat only surfaces, which is precisely where the microbes are located, but do not alter the volume of the cannabis flowers. For this reason, plasmas are the perfect tools to decontaminate cannabis without changes to its quality or chemical composition.

CPG plasma technology has unique advantages, such as:

  1. Plasma treats only the surface of cannabis flowers and it is “cold” (temperatures below 50 degrees C), which ensures that the concentrations of terpene and cannabinoid molecules are unchanged during the treatment.

  2. This is an environmentally friendly method which uses no radiation, additives or heat to destroy microorganisms. As there are no additives or chemicals involved during the treatment, this method can be qualified as being organic.

  3. This technology is very effective (99.1% kill efficiency for yeast and mould spores measured on two different cannabis strains), fast (exposure times less than 30 min) and economical.

  4. Plasma machines are compact with foot-print scalable with production needs.