R&D Services

Cold Plasma Group team has experience in the development of plasma, radiation and flame-based treatments and know how to use them to change surfaces of various materials, through chemical grafting or the deposition of specialized coatings.

CPG can help customers develop the right kind of environmentally friendly processes for their application and integrated within their manufacturing sequence by bringing to the table knowledge of:

  • plasma, radiation and flame-based R&D,
  • design and engineering of specialized equipment,
  • process development & scale-up,
  • analytical methods

with a focus on practical, reliable and cost-effective solutions to customer needs.

Examples of Products & Technologies:

  • Water repellant, anti-sticking, anti-microbial and corrosion protective coatings
  • Adhesion-promoting coatings
  • Biomaterials
  • Graphene and functionalized graphene coatings
  • Surface cleaning and pre-treating for metals, glass and polymers
  • Large-scale and environmentally friendly processes for the cleaning, pre-treating and the deposition of coatings onto surfaces of metals, glass, polymers and ceramics.
SEM image of a-SiOx coating on glass
SEM image of a-SiOx coating on Al sheet
SEM image of graphene coating on Si wafer
Water repellent coating