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Cold Plasma Group Inc. offers custom plasma technologies

We develop and bring to market customized, economical and environmentally friendly sterilization solutions based on the use of cold plasmas, radiation or flame treatments.

What is Cold plasma? 

Plasmas are activated gases containing equal numbers of ions and electrons along with many other microscopic particles. Often called the 4th state of matter, plasmas are usually created by injecting energy into gases to free electrons through a process called ionization. Plasmas can either be highly energetic (hot), or room temperature (cold).

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Advantages of using plasma


Plasma has the ability for safe, non-toxic, dry and low-temperature sterilization in about one hour.

By-products of plasma sterilization are minute quantities of water, oxygen, i.e. harmless, so the process is safe for the environment.

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Plasma processes create no residue.


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About Sterilization

When enough energy is supplied to matter atomic and molecular structure disintegrate. This creates charged particles, otherwise known as plasma or “the 4th state of matter.” Cold Plasma Group’s plasma technology is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to sterilize or remove residue on the surfaces of 3D objects without damaging the bulk material properties.

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Benefits of Cold Plasma Sterilization 


Plasma treats only the surface of the object it is sterilizing.

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This achieves a high level of effectiveness (99.9% kill rate for yeast and mould spores) while being a fast and economical process.

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This is an eco-friendly process that includes involves no radiation, chemicals, or heat.

Plasma sterilization machines are compact, easy-to-use and scalable with production needs.

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