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Decontaminate. Sterilize. Clean.

Smart Plasma Sterilizers

CPG Purple

All our machines are EU-GMP and GPP suitable.

CPG Purple

They are automated and self-cleaning with one or two door options. 

CPG Purple

The control system in our machines include a touch-panel for operator control, along with:

  • a library of processes for safe and consistent processing. 

  • real-time monitoring and recording.

CPG Purple

We offer technical support and services for a complete turn-key and custom solution.

Cold Plasma Group two systems
Cold Plasma Group system exposed trays
Product Dimensions

Product Specifications

Want to know more about our products? Click the links below for the detailed specifications of each of our plasma sterilization systems.

One Door System:

Two Door System:

Want to explore efficient, effective sterilization solutions?

We'd be happy to discuss the microbial remediation systems which best suit your unique needs.

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