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Our Technology

Microbial Remediation of Plant Material

Cold Plasma Group has developed a patent-pending technology which uses cold plasma treatments for the sterilization of plant material. We offer “smart” plasma machines equipped with remediation cycles which are effective, yet gentle, maintaining excellent product quality. We currently offer multiple products specializing in the remediation of cannabis.

Cold Plasma Sterilization Mechanisms

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Plasma, the 4th state of matter, can be described as a luminous cloud formed as result of an electrical discharge initiated in a gas. Electrons, ions, free radicals, and light particles are formed as a result, all with excess energy.

The interactions of radicals containing oxygen and nitrogen are responsible for killing microbes through:

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the disruption, piercing, or etching of the membranes or shells of microorganisms.

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the denaturation of proteins, the damage to lipids or DNA, leading to impaired cell function.

Cold Plasma sterilization mechanism

Albeit a less important player, UV radiation is also present in the plasma cloud. This contributes to the break-down of the membranes, shells and of other components, such as DNA strands. 

Benefits of Cold Plasma Sterilization 

Cold Plasma Group sterilization system

Plasma machines are compact, easy-to-use, and scalable.

Eco-friendly and Recyclable

Plasma treatments are safe, organic, and free of chemicals, heat, or ionizing radiation.

High-definition cannabis flower

6log (99.9999%) to 4log (99.99%) reductions can be achieved using plasma treatments for many microbial species, including yeast and mold spores.

Treatments with our plasma cycles are effective, yet gentle. The appearance, nose, trichomes, cannabinoids, and colour of flowers remain unaltered.

Research Data on Cannabis

Microbial scan graph
Terpene content research results graph

Total concentration of terpenes measured using GC analysis:

Microbial Scans:

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Total aerobic bacteria, bile-tolerant gram-negative, and total yeast and mould tests were performed on naturally contaminated medical products according to USP62, MFHPB-33 and MFHPB-32 methodologies.

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THC and CBD molecules were quantified using high-performance liquid chromatography. Terpenes were quantified using gas chromatography.

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Yeast and mould species, the most resilient contaminants, were destroyed with 99.99% efficacy.

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Cannabinoid and terpene profiles were preserved by the plasma sterilization process.

Still Curious?

Or read our brochure, and discover why our cold plasma systems are crucial for safe and sustainable production of cannabis.

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