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CPG Partners with GOC-NEXUS for Commercial Implementation of Eco-friendly Sterilization Technology

KINGSTON, July 13, 2023 – Cold Plasma Group Inc. (CPG), a Canadian tech company focused on commercial implementation of plasma applications for industry, is pleased to announce it has completed a cooperation and licensing agreement with GOC-NEXUS Europe GmbH (GOC-NEXUS) to supply and to further scale-up CPG’s plasma sterilization technology for cannabis.

CPG’s patent-pending technology gently destroys bacterial and fungal spores without altering the quality of cannabis flower nor the concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. CPG’s technology is eco-friendly and free of ionizing radiation, heat, or added chemicals, which makes it ideal for treating cannabis destined for the European market. CPG will supply its present third generation machine for a demonstration facility in Canada and will develop larger scale versions of the equipment for the exclusive use by GOC in EU-GMP processing hubs, for the European and global medical markets.

“We believe we’ve found an ideal industry partner with deep roots in both medicinal cannabis and the European recreational market. We are jointly moving towards our dream of a demonstration facility in Canada aimed at the existing Canadian market and subsequently the American market as it legalizes,” said David Johnson, Cold Plasma Group’s President. Simultaneously, we will design and EU-GMP certify the technology on a much larger scale for Europe. GOC-NEXUS’ experience with GMP certification will accelerate the growth of plasma treatment in Europe and globally.”

“Plasma processing is a superior method for the microbial remediation of heat- and radiation-sensitive products, such as cannabis flower,” adds Dr. Florina Truica, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CPG. “Without ionizing radiation, heat, or chemicals, it better protects the quality of the final product. The current commercial implementation for the cannabis sector and the launch of ‘smart’ plasma sterilizers is just the beginning for us. CPG is developing additional plasma solutions for medical or agriculture sectors. Our technology reduces the consumption of energy and chemicals, eliminates toxic by-products, and is overall safer for people and the environment.”

Stefan Langer, Chief Business Development (CBD), GOC-NEXUS observes of the technology: “We were searching for sterilization options that do not suffer from the quality and regulatory issues faced by existing sterilization options. Cold Plasma is the missing link in the design and construction of service hubs for cannabis processing, first for Europe, then globally. We have a tight timeline for both the Canadian demo-hub and our first large scale European hub.”

About Cold Plasma Group (CPG)

CPG is a Canadian company co-founded by Dr. Florina Truica, a plasma scientist and engineer with experience in commercializing novel products and technologies. She has developed a cold plasma technology as a platform to offer turnkey processing solutions through “smart” plasma machines. These plasma machines provide consistent, clean, and eco-friendly microbial remediation, and are a game changer for the Cannabis, Agriculture and Medical sectors. CPG technology and equipment effectively sterilize cannabis flower without damaging quality or therapeutic properties. Plasma processing can increase germination rates of seeds, and promote plant growth, resulting in increased crop yields and shorter harvest times. CPG technology can also quickly and safely sterilize single-use and disposable plastic objects and medical devices for repeated reuse, eliminating waste and securing the supply chain.


GOC-NEXUS developed an EU-GMP certified processing hub concept for medical cannabis in the European market and has chosen the CPG remediation process as an integral step in their modular service provider concept for the cannabis industry. They plan to pilot the commercial hub concept in Canada first in partnership with a yet-to-be announced licensed producer/processor. This demonstration facility will offer the basis for the EU-GMP certification process and will generate engineering and commercial data to perfect the commercial implementation of the plasma technology on larger-scale machines. It will also expose Canadian and worldwide cannabis producers to a superior remediation technology. Advanced planning is underway, and the Canadian joint venture is estimated to be operational in the 4th quarter of this year.

Dr. Florina Truica

Chief Technology Officer

Cold Plasma Group

Dr. David Surjo:

Chief Executive Officer



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